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Product Designer

Data Collection, Low to High-fidelity wireframes, Prototyping, & Testing with the Dev Team


1 Month


Adobe XD

OVERVIEW, founded in 2006, is the largest online real estate portal in Pakistan. With over 350,000 new listings each month, and over 5 million monthly users, it is the evolving real estate portal of Pakistan, with more than 12,500 agencies registered.

I worked at Zameen for a year from June 2017 to June 2018 as a Product Designer in the tech team consisting of a Product Manager and a team of over 70 devs.


Being the sole designer in the Product Team, I was responsible for the following:

  • Identify gaps in the market and understand customer problems

  • Perform competitive research based on the needs of the customer

  • Meet with the marketing team to understand the data sets and analytics

  • Meet with the social/communication team to understand the content requirements and the categorization

  • Understand design impact through data and metrics

  • Create user flows, and prototypes for the development team

  • Work in conjunction with the development team to ensure proper implementation

  • Weekly demos to the CEOs to gather to feedback


The main reason a redesign of the blog was necessary was that the content was not properly categorized in physical silos (e.g lifestyle articles were placed in the property). Moreover, the blog followed an archaic blog design pattern that did not offer a smooth user experience. This was resulting in lesser website traffic than before.

  • The blog was redesigned (web & mobile) keeping in mind the latest design trends in the market.

  • Social Media Share buttons and the time duration (thanks Medium) was added with every article to increase blog traffic.

  • Pagination was improved and made simpler.

  • The blog articles were properly categorized in navigation and sub-menus.

  • The general user experience of the website was improved with user testing.

  • More images were included with every article to gain more traction.

  1. The homepage will have links to all the category pages as part of its secondary navigation.

  2. Categories will show sub-categories on hover.

  3. The article requiring the most attention, as decided by the content team, will be displayed with an edge-to-edge image. The entire area would be covered by the article's image.

  • Each category would be linked to a category page in the header area.

  • Inside each category, related popular tags would be displayed on the left-hand side. 

  • Articles would appear in a grid layout.

  • Sorting order for listed articles would be from the most recent to the oldest article.

  • Categories that have had the addition of new articles would be highlighted in bold.

  • The tag pages would be similar, in look and feel, to the category pages.

  • Clicking on the tags would lead to the page for the tag.

  • Popular tags/keywords that are searched on Google would be tagged against each article. 

  • All the articles relevant to the tag/keyword would be displayed under the pages.

  • Clicking on the card for an author on any article would lead to the author’s own page.

  • The author page would contain a bio of the author, and all the articles that s/he has written.

  • The page would also include links to articles that the author has commented or on replied to comments.

  • Name and image of the author will be displayed on the right.

  • Each article would allow comments in it. These comments should be allowed to appear only after moderation, a captcha filling and an email address (and/or phone number).

  • All the pages would have the share and save functionality for articles.

  • Tags will appear at the end of the article.



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