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Hi, I am Eilaf, a Toronto-based Product Designer, passionate about using design and technology to design products that solve real-world problems. I am currently working as a Product Designer at Prodigy Education.

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Before this, I was enrolled in a 6-months long Product Management diploma from RED Academy, which combined a 3-months UX Design and 3-months Digital Marketing course with some overarching classes of Product Management. I was one of the four people selected by Rogers Communications to do this diploma at a full-scholarship. It allowed me to further enhance my UX skills, work on some challenging yet meaningful projects with the clients and meet some insanely talented people. It taught me how to gauge business's success by using site analytics, how companies deal with new product development as well as marketing of a product at all stages of the product lifecycle.

My Product Design career started in 2017 when I joined Pakistan's biggest real estate company, Zameen 

(Bayut in UAE) as a Digital Product Designer where I spearheaded the design for their customer-facing apps and websites, dashboards, etcAfter moving to Toronto Canada in 2018, I volunteered as a UI/UX Designer for a while before joining a tech company called Hitplay Technologies as a UI/UX Designer working on their touch panels, meeting room screens, dashboards and a SaaS web platform.


With my Media & Communications degree, I worked as a Communications & Design Specialist 4 years ago, at a public sector organization called Technology for People Initiative in Pakistan. That's where my interest in leveraging design and technology to solve social problems emerged. There, I led a project called 'Peacetech Exchanges (PTX) Pakistan', in collaboration with a lab run by the United States Institute of Peace which also earned me the prestigious fellowship to the U.S. 'Emerging Leader of Pakistan’ in 2016. I met with organizations, entrepreneurs and civil society leaders who were working towards creating a peaceful relationship between Pakistan and the U.S. using design and technology. Some places I visited includes The White House, The Pentagon, Google HQ, UN General Embassy.

I believe that design is a form of communication and working as a Product Designer, I have developed a passion to make sure that the right message is being communicated. I research, design, test and iterate until I find the best way to communicate the message while empathizing with and understanding the users.

When I am not working, I am mostly eating, reading non-fiction books or watching Netflix! 

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